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How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #1 of 12


#1. SMOKING Sorry but it had to be number one on the list, as it’s the number one disaster for the vocalist… Smoking dries out the protective mucous membrane that lines the walls of the larynx and paralyses the little hairs in the nose and throat, which act as filters for dust, dirt and lift phlegm away from the lungs ... Read More »

How to Spot Vocal Strain or Fatigue

Adele, Brit Awards Vocal Fatigue

Sometimes unsafe sounds that cause vocal damage are hard to spot. Back in October, 2011, British singer/songwriter Adele famously fell quiet due to a vocal cord haemorrhage. At the time, she was forced to cancel a 10-date sold-out U.S. tour, just as her grammy award winning album “21″ was well on its way to becoming the top-selling album of 2011. ... Read More »

How to Achieve Vibrato…Naturally

Tori Amos - Winter using Cry Quality

Tori Amos’ performance of her song ‘Winter’ exemplifies that innocent sounding vibrato. But how is it achieved? Firstly, see how it feels to mimic this voice quality. Is it close to or far from your own set-up? What do you have to do to make it sound authentic? Guys, you can use this piece also but try it in a ... Read More »

Exercises for Tired Voices

Ingo Titze - Vocal Straw Exercise

Ingo Titze is a vocal scientist and executive director of the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Here he presents a definitive set of exercises that promote vocal health and correct sound placement. Struggling with the health of your voice? Can you answer yes to any of the following? I frequently ... Read More »