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My Fair Lady Lincoln Center Theater revival

The Classic musical My Fair Lady Yields to Broadway for the first time in 25 years. Purchase discount my fair lady Broadway tickets click here.

Fake it until you make it's a timeless motif, and Quincy Music Theatre's" My Fair Lady" gifts it using Edwardian humor and charm.

Highbrow phonetics Henry Higgins makes a bet with his colleague, that the kindly linguist Colonel Pickering. In only six months' period, Higgins will turn" guttersnipe" Eliza Doolittle, a diminished flower girl with a thick Cockney accent, into sensed royalty.

The winsome Eliza, selling bruised blossoms to the wealthy for loose change, desires the speech classes. She hopes to rise above her station and eventually become a helper at a" proper flower shop"

Lizzy McCawley's portrayal of Eliza is brash and unapologetic. Her song" Would not it be Lovely?" Firmly sets her appeal as the plucky underdog. If she sings"I Would Have Danced All Night," it is difficult to keep from swaying to the music and reliving the celebration with her.

Robert Stuart because Higgins is a recognizable face to Tallahassee viewers out of his many performances in Young Actors Theatre, where he's the artistic director, into the unforgettable Albin/Zaza at Theatre Tallahassee's" a Cage aux Folles." His operation as Higgins reveals that the character's complete array from intellectual bravado into his shadowy dismissal of both Eliza and her standing in society.

Eliza's father, Alfred P. Doolittle, is performed by Daniel Gray, which makes his QMT introduction. Doolittle's" With a Little Bit of Luck," sung along with his bar mates, is a magical earworm woven through the operation.

Can this Tony award-winning Greatest Musical of 1957 resonate now? Really, struggles of course bias and nationalism are modern headlines. And if Higgins sings" I'm an Ordinary Man," he appears more misogynist than supported mentor. That can be something of a Cinderella story in which we're left feeling unsure if Prince Charming is so magical.

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