How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #3 of 12

How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #3 of 12

#3. Alcohol

‘Everything in moderation, even moderation…’ to quote a Zen Buddhist monk.

This applies especially to alcohol. No one is saying that you shouldn’t go out and enjoy yourself every so often, but it is important that you choose your moments carefully. Having a drink for ‘Dutch Courage’ before a gig is not a good option, as alcohol, along with caffeine, is incredibly dehydrating and will dry out your vocal folds. Once they are dry, they lose their flexibility and may become sore, swollen and cracked. If you must drink, having a glass of water for every unit of alcohol is a good option. If you want to survive a grueling tour, you’ll need to treat yourself like a racehorse…

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