How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #10 of 12

How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #10 of 12

#10. Foods to Avoid When You’re On the Road

  • Nuts! Don’t eat nuts before you perform! Nuts can easily get lodged in the throat and later dislodge, causing you to inhale them. You’ll then have a major coughing fit on stage…wince…
  • Dairy Products including milk, cheese, butter, chocolate are mucous producing. Avoiding these will help you have a clearer, healthier voice.
  • Spicy food can irritate the vocal tract and contribute to acid reflux which will seriously affect the health of your vocal folds.
  • Alcohol & Caffeine, see all of the above.

Stayed tuned for Top Vocal Tip #11 of 12 coming up next…

It’s amazing that there can be such an improvement in my voice in such a short period of time…

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