How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #7 of 12

How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #7 of 12

#7. Sore Throats: Knowing When To Cancel

Though unpleasant, it is perfectly possible to sing with a sore throat if you absolutely have to. Pharyngitis is an infection of the throat just above the larynx, if you are supporting your voice correctly and without constriction, you should be able to bypass this area when singing. In this case, a warm salt-water gargle should soothe the back of the throat and reduce phlegm along with a strong does of paracetamol 20 minutes before a performance.

NB. The danger occurs when you sing with laryngitis, as you can damage your voice permanently. If this is diagnosed you need to cancel your gig.

If you do decide it is safe to go ahead, try to avoid sprays or mixtures that numb the throat or you will have no idea how much damage you are doing by singing. Try drinking ginger for its anti-inflammatory properties and honey, which will coat the throat. Look up ‘Natural Remedies for Sore Throats’ online for ways in which to prevent a sore throat and quickly regain your health when you do have one.

If you find you are particularly susceptible to sore or raw feeling throat infections, this can be a symptom of poor vocal technique or singing in ways that cause the vocal folds to crack or bleed, allowing infections into the vocal tract.

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