How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #11 of 12

How to Look After Your Voice: Top Vocal Tip #11 of 12

#11. Warming Up

As with any athlete, the singer needs to warm-up fully before training or performing. You should always arrive at any gig or session with plenty of time to spare, or warm-up at home if you know you don’t have a dressing room or any extra time. Early morning sessions are the worst – you’ll need to get up at least 2 hours before singing and begin warming up immediately including stretching your body as well as your voice.

Don’t belt out your performance piece immediately, instead hum it through using varying voice qualities and make sure you are relaxed and comfortable before beginning for real.

It is important that you also warm down after a gig and do not immediately go out into the crowd and scream at your friends over loud music.

Work some pitch glides for a few minutes before resting your voice. If you are on tour, I recommend you go to bed! Sleep really is the best cure for all ills. I appreciate that after a gig the adrenaline can be such that you may need to stay up for a while. Drink plenty of water, breath deep and slow and find somewhere to chill-out with friends.

Although there is a social ‘scene’ attached to being a musician, you should also treat it as a job, which means having a professional attitude and not burning the candle at both ends too often.

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