Singing is an ART and a SCIENCE

Singing is an ART and a SCIENCE

As a singer, you yourself are the instrument. You will find that you have to take extra special care of yourself just as a guitarist or saxophonist would their instrument by building your stamina, flexibility and control.

The Anatomy of Singing

I am a great believer in your being your own best teacher – by demystifying the voice you get to know a little bit more about what’s going on and can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Most of the programs out there have serious gaps, especially the ones that work from the neck up providing little insight into posture, physicality or breath support. Their success is very much a symptom of the right here right now mentality. That’s not to say by making even minor changes to your technique you won’t see instant results but approaching this as a journey is a better way to look at it. IT works if you work it! If you want further reassurance read some of my testimonials.

Trust Your Instincts…

Singing is a very personal thing. If you have a question – post it below and I will try to address it within 24hours. Alternatively you can buy a vocal assessment either in person at The Vocal Athlete Studio in Sutton, Surrey, on Skype or by sending over a clip of your singing. In all cases I will send you away with comprehensive, tailor-made written instructions for further practice.

Her in-depth knowledge of the way the voice works is truly amazing…

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